1961 - 2000

2000 Design and implementation of a new Corporate Design
  Release of a new and extensive Internet website
  Expansion of the business premises and machine park with a new coextrusion line in Schwalmstadt
  The first blown film extrusion line starts the production at the Wümbach site.
1998 Introduction of SAP
  DIN EN ISO 14001 certification
1994 Taking over of further subsidiaries in Great Britain and France
  DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
1993 Opening of the Wümbacher film and recycling works (today Horn & Bauer Profiltechnik GmbH)
1992 The firm is renamed as Horn & Bauer GmbH & Co. KG
1991  Foundation of a distribution subsidiary company in Great Britain
1979 Introduction of a computing system
1973 Move to the new production halls, machinery extended by a large extruder and further processing machines
  Start of extruded polyethylene films around the clock
1968 Aufnahme kontinuierlichen Produktion von Polyethylenfolien